Cashless Gambling Trials Begin in NSW

Apparently, a new era of land-based gambling has started in Australia. New South Wales is trying to use cashless gambling in the casinos in the state. The NSW media release, October 8, 2022, says that they started “at Wests Newcastle with up to 200 members set to use ground-breaking digital technology which includes features to reduce risks of gambling harm and to protect against money laundering.”

What were the reasons which led to implement cashless systems to gamble?

In 2019 some media reports made headlines all over the country. They informed that some well-known gambling operators had links with Asian gangs, provided opportunities for money laundering and other gambling laws violations. At once several Australian states including NSW, Western Australia and Victoria began investigations that resulted in the following decisions:

  • Crown was recognized an unsuitable person to hold a casino licence at Barangaroo.

  • The operator was fined A$1 million.

  • Crown Group's license for a new A$2.1 billion Crown Sydney casino was frozen.

  • Crown Resorts were declared unsuitable to hold a gambling license in Melbourne.

  • The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission imposed A$80 million on Crown Melbourne.

  • The Star Entertainment Group has been fined A$100 million.

Both casino operators came to an agreement with regulators to stay in business. They promised to try their best to improve the situation.

How the trials starting?

Wests Newcastle is the first one that started trials. The trials began on October 8 and are going to last for three months.

Cashless gambling is part of methods going into place to combat problem gambling and to control anti-money laundering actions better.

Minister for Hospitality and Racing Kevin Anderson said, “Technology developed by Aristocrat Gaming has been installed on 36 of the Wests club’s gaming machines using Bluetooth to connect patrons’ mobile phones to machines.” Therefore, the player will be able to transfer money directly from their gaming wallet on the phone onto the machine.

What options the technology offers?

This technology will allow players to

  • set spending or time limits,

  • access real-time spending data,

  • take a break or escape from gambling,

  • use other gambling tools and services.

Players can decide on which of these limits to activate and can choose multiple limits which can’t be changed for 24 hours then.

How to load gaming wallets?

Casino customers won’t be able to top up their gaming wallets from the casino. “The digital wallet requires a person’s identity to be confirmed before they can play and they are linked to that person’s debit card or bank account which means authorities can identify where those funds have come from if needed,” Mr. Anderson added.

“The trials will explore different technologies and solutions to enable cashless gaming play in NSW, and trial important harm minimisation measures which will help individuals to take greater control of their gambling,” Kevin Anderson said.

What companies approved for trials?

At the point, there are four companies which have been approved to take part in cashless trials.

  • Aristocrat Gaming,

  • IGT,

  • Scientific Games,

  • Utopia Gaming.

“We are proud to have proposed this trial, as we believe enabling cashless electronic gaming machine play payment solutions through patron’s mobile phones is an innovation that can help enhance the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of our industry,” commented David Ronson, Aristocrat’s Managing Director APAC.

What Aussies to do in connection with cashless gambling?

Each Australian state and territory have got their own gambling rules and regulations in place. They also will adopt new laws and regulations concerning cashless gambling. Players should first learn these regulations.

Be aware of your limits

Pay attention to

  • Betting limits in the area,

  • On how to deposit money and deposit limits,

  • Withdrawal limits, etc.

If you prefer playing in different regions, make sure you know the rules and regulations for every territory you play in.

Documents to have

Moreover, every player must have certain documentations. It is important to provide any document that confirms your identity. Some casinos may ask a document for your residence. It maybe a utility bill, or something like this.

Some states may require proof that a customer can afford to gamble. The gambling venues there may ask you to show documentation to prove you have the disposable income to enjoy casino games. This measure may seem to be an invasion of privacy. However, it helps to realise that a customer is not using their rent or utility money to gamble.

Summing Up

Overall, it may be said that gambling is altering in Australia. Over the few next years, all casinos in the country are likely to switch to cashless payment. The trials that are running now in NSW are the first step to this. However, you can try cashless gambling right now if open an online casino and try your luck there.

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